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Business coaching, Personal Coaching and Training using the latest Advanced Human Change Technologies of NLP, NLP Coaching, Time Line TherapyTM  and Hypnotherapy.


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Our Trainers have come from a varied background having worked and Trained in Business within the largest UK organisations including:

The Royal Bank Of Scotland; Barclays Bank plc; The Woolwich Bank; KPMG - Registered Auditors; Standard Bank; BDO Stoy Haywood - Registered Auditors; HW Fisher & Company - Registered Auditors

Our trainers are registered with the following organisations:

ABNLP     - American Board of NLP

ABH         - American Board of Hypnotherapy

TLTA        - Time Line Therapy Association

INLPTA     - International NLP Trainers Association

ANLP        - Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming